Aperitif Camarguais ®W&G

Late summer evening of aperitifs et hors d'oeuvres with friends. Camarque, France

My Love a Fare is my mind, body, soul connection with sustenance. A true crush, I spend a significant portion of time pondering food, imagining our coming experiences together, looking forward to exploring what we will accomplish.   Like other relationships, food is a give and take, everything it undergoes before it is with me is relevant, affecting our potential to create something memorable.  When all five senses are attuned, highlighting truths or elevating possibility is the delicious magic in the epitome of man’s interaction with self, one another and nature.

Quenching, sating, soulful, lush, heart filling, knee weakening, curious, fun, my love is pure, unfaltering.  More so, as best made better, my love is for sharing….


1 thought on “About”

  1. I’m so pleased you stopped by my blog and said hello… I too will enjoy reading about your journey – thank you for sharing xx

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